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2017…I’m Ready.

January 6, 2017

A new year brings new ideas & new directions. Clean hearts, clean minds, & the start of new opportunities.

Let’s go back a bit…Rio Ritz began as a small online store with only 15 products. I started with a little saved money, no partners & no loans. We have won several awards including: Best Women’s Boutique in D Magazine in 2014, Best Affordable Women’s Clothing by Dallas Observer in 2014, been featured on Lucky Magazine and much more in just a short 2.5 year time frame! These are all great accomplishments, but if you know me, there is so so much more I want to achieve!

I am sad to announce that we have closed the doors to our Dallas location, but thrilled to say we will be putting all of this effort & focus into our online store & customers worldwide! I loved every minute of having a store & making it enjoyable for every girl who walked through the door. Without our loyal shoppers, we wouldn’t be where we are today. The truth is, retail is changing dramatically & we are all looking for that easy “get to my door” kind of service and we are working to keep up with that demand.

On top of all these business changes, I have entered a new phase in my personal life. This has had a strong impact on my decision to direct my focus on living light & centering my attention on providing extra love for my 3 little ones who need me most during their times of rapid growth & bittersweet moments, that I will never get again. Being a mom is my first priority & therefore I have to put aside time & allow myself to be a mom & get my hands dirty.

It feels good to breathe & take everything in. So many emotions & tears cried, cause let’s face it…change is hard. However, I feel daring & proud of myself for jumping these hurdles & pursuing a new direction to happiness in both my personal life & my career. I couldn’t have done it without support from the genuine people who love me to the core & encourage my every decision. With all things come negativity & I’m sure there are some who have their own dissected opinion to my choice of change, but I’m feeling as light as a feather & not sure I have too much time to give any attention to unkindness & pessimism.

As much as I like to live in a world filled with unicorns, unbroken hearts & happiness..I hope that my post has inspired any of you dreamers who believe in something to know that NOTHING COMES easy. There will be sadness, there will be trials, there will be broken hearts, there will be loss, there will be mistakes (over & over), but every step we take forward is because of what we have learned from the past. It’s a turning point to what we have created & every choice is a leap of faith. If you’re not on the right path, get on it. Nobody will push you there. Forget the outside world & what it tells you WHO you need to be or WHAT you should be doing. You are a breathing, living, loving creation & you have no idea what you are capable of accomplishing without taking the first step, so make 2017 yours and do YOU.

I cannot wait to grow with each & every one of you throughout this year. I will also be doing 1-2 blogs per month actively. As much as I love being a fashionable mom, (who gets the “double look” for my rock & roll shirts @ my son’s elementary…sorry, not sorry) I will be throwing in some kid-friendly things & a little more mama stuff. My favorite thing is getting personal with other women, other moms, & anyone who I can love.

CHEERS to a 2017 filled with new love, new happiness & a brand new direction.

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